I swear, every time I cut my hair and it starts to grow back, I sudenly want dreads! If I found real dread extensions that were cheap but quality I would soooooo get em. Gaahhhrrr.

recoveringthedesertedlivess: Could I ask you for plant advice?? I'm really worried about my baby..

I dont know much abouy plants, though I wish I did.

Posting this though so anyone who does know could message you and help? ♥

Anonymous: THANK YOU for your point of view on rape in the media. I'm really tired of people saying, "It's just a movie" or "It's just a show." Rape content isn't going to make the bad plot or bad characters any better. It just shows how weak it all is.

Yes!!!!! People just shrug it off so easily. Like watching someone being raped is interesting?? Who would want to watch that?? It’s disgusting

Anonymous: I never saw the serie, but why are there rape scenes? Is it like whoo lets rape? Its just fuckedup :c

Right? I think rape in shows/movies should only kinda be acceptable if it is about the struggle, or strength of the person overcoming the trauma etc but not acceptable and very unnecessary if its just thrown in there just cause. Idk though bc I haven’t watched it and don’t reeeallly plan on it.

Anonymous: like the other anon said there are a lot of sex scenes that are riding the line between consensual sex and rape. i wouldn't watch it if you get triggered easily.
Anonymous: Game of thrones has a rape scene although the director called it consensual it really didn't look that way. It's one of the most brutal shows I've ever seen and would not recommend for people with triggers of violence or rape. It gave me terrible paranoia and I don't even have triggers or any diagnosed mental health problems.


Anonymous: IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Sending loving energy and light your way. I wish you luck! <3

This brought the biggest smile to my face!!! Thank you sunshine, lovin’ you and sending tons of good energy your way ~

Not gonna lie, im pretty freaking happy right now. I think I’ve finally found someone that I connect with in ways my past relationships lacked. Im scared to speak too soon but he’s lovely and gives me butterflies and I don’t think im going to be single for much longer eeeep ♥