*forgets what im talking about halfway through a sentence*

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May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.
― J.R.R. Tolkien  (via psyducked)

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Anonymous: what are some things that turn you on or some of your sexual fantasies?

Kindness, openness, love, consent. Ya know, the basics.

Anonymous: you are a beautiful person

Thank you flower c:

piercedclits-tattedtits: Dear anon who had the douchebag anon. You are so much more than any insult someone could throw at you. If you have fat cool, I have fat, everyone has fat. You're a beautiful creation of art and I hope someday you realize that. Plus being fat is fun and NOT an insult it's a body type. We all have different body types. And remember, thick thighs save lives. You beautiful soul.

!!! :)


Casual reminder that if your “body positivity” has size, shape, or weight restrictions, that you are NOT in fact body positive at all