Okay whoah a lot of compatibility q’s, message me off anon if you want me to answer and I’ll try to get to them later! Also keep in mind, its my opinion based around the signs and its all generalized, each soul has their own personality and can vary ~

Anonymous: Thoughts on a leo/cancer cusp with a leo guy? Seems like we're always bickering about something but at the end of the day we just forget it easily lol.

My best friend is a leo and i’m a cancer!! There is bickering but its all lil silly things, it takes strong communication and honesty!

Anonymous: I'd love to kiss those pits, you're smoking hot.

Whooooaaah thanks dude

Anonymous: what do you think about gemini/gemini relationships?

Sososo relatable and strong! Especially strong sex life :)

Anonymous: How do you feel about Aquarians as far as being compatible?

There are a lot of differences in lifestyle and ideals of love but it can definitely work with two willing partners :)

Anonymous: I thought Cancer/Scorpio was most compatible

They are very very very compatible, but cancer is just a smiiiiidge more. Scorpios just need to be aware of upsetting the sensitive cancer

Anonymous: Do you think a cancer/cancer relationship could be dangerous?

Cancer/cancer is the most compatible imo uuggghhh i love fellow cancers ugh anyway i suppose there could be problems, but cancers can be understanding because they can relate.

Anonymous: i'm a taurus girl and there is this cancer guy that i've been crazy about for 2 years or something, do you think we have a chance? and if so how to get his attention that we do?

Ohh yes! It could be a very calm and sensual relationship, both signs are very family oriented, a problem though is lack of understanding, be very clear and open! That is something cancer should understand too though. I say go for it, maybe let it be known you are attracted to him or like him :)

Anonymous: Would you say Libras and Cancers get along?

Ohhh, yes! For the most part at least

Anonymous: Do you get on with gemini's ok? Because I'm a gemini and I always seem to be disliked by cancers! Which sucks because I find myself attracted to cancers without even knowing it. :(

Geminis are more outgoing and cancers are more home-bodies so that may have something to with it, but of course each soul is also it’s own and can vary. It could also be that the cancers do like you, just havent had time to open up and show their love!! I personally get along with each sign to an extent and never had a problem with a gemini :)

Anonymous: what do you think about rhinoplasty? i have a wide nose with large nostrils and it's led to mean comments, bad pictures, and really low self esteem. i'm 15. do you think i should get rhinoplasty when i can pay for it?

That’s all up to you bb doll, you still have a lot if time to figure out if thats what you want. But it’s terrible because people will be mean regardless. If you get it done, there will be someone who is rude about it. Thats when you have to decide what makes YOU happiest and the most comfortable. I wouldn’t do, personally. I’m sure you are soso beautiful the way you are. But it’s ultimately about what you feel is best. Love!!




If you don’t reblog these in a pair I hate you

I actually had to do it twice, because I accidentally reblogged Malfoy first, and that’s almost as bad as not reblogging both of them.


It’s funny because Malfoy’s has all sorts of comments and then you scroll down and it’s just Harry doing his thing.